We would like to let you know we have applied custom ACLs for mail service on some of our shared and reseller servers, which are the following:


These ACLs are aimed to reduce the amount of outgoing spam in significant volumes and avoid the possibility of server’s IP addresses to get blacklisted by global and well-known mail monitoring authorities (SpamHaus, SpamCop, AbuseAT etc) and thus affect mail delivery for all other users on the same server. Specifically, from now on the following rules are applied on the servers we listed above:

- all e-mails placed to mail queue with different authenticated and actual sending users are rejected from sending to intended recipients

- all e-mails placed to mail queue from the name of e-mail accounts including server hostname are rejected from sending to intended recipients. This is the standard behavior of most spamming scripts – trojans or spambots use default cPanel e-mail account looking as cpanel_username@buzz2.abstractdns.com to place numerous e-mails to server queue

- if there are more than 5 e-mails placed to mail queue using non-SMTP protocol within 1 minute they will be rejected from sending to intended recipients
These settings are currently used and proactively monitored in testing mode. In case we consider the results of testing successful we will apply them on all our shared and reseller servers.

In unlikely case you start experiencing any issues with your mail sending scripts after these alterations – please submit a ticket to our support department at https://my.webivox.com/submitticket.php.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

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